umm i dont know if i have to pay or anything but could you just post some sketches of shardblades? its hard to find really nice ones. i draw shitty ones so. also if you do could you send me the link or whatever because i may not see it

Wow, Shardblades! That’s a good challenge! Yeah I promise I will find time to try them =)

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good luck on your translation work :D you're doing an amazing job and making amazing artworks too thank you so much

You’re very welcome =) I’ve been doing that work for five months but there’s still so much to translate. Words of Radiance is so so so damnation long and there’re too many juicy things and Cosmere relations to consider. Now I understand how easy only reading the book is! Gonna try my best! If everything goes well, the book will come out next year. And then, I will persuade more people to read the series! (also by means of fan art =D)

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The Roshar Big Four

Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Renarin chibis. Another request done! That friend told me specifically PLEEEASE ADD RENARIN! And so, we get four young people at a time! I also tested the actual hair color of Kholin boys =) (Still not sure about Renarin’s eye color) Okay I think this is the last piece recently QAQ I need to finish the translation work of WoR before the deadline hits.

Some notes

Here we get three kinds of uniform: Kaladin - Captain uniform, Adolin - Highlord uniform, Renarin - Bridge Four uniform (He is playing with his little metal box.) I really hope I can catch time to try the exact design of those Alethi uniforms (a la military rank), Vorin havah and some traditional outfits of other nations next year =)

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House Sadeas - Torol Sadeas & Ialai Sadeas

Someone requested this long ago and I finally did it! I also painted the Sadeas glyph by brush pen to match the art =)

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WoR - Zahel the Grouchy Swordmaster

Finally! Finally! Finally! I did my tribute! Zahel is my favourite “new” character in WoR (also one of my favourite secondary characters), and I always want to give him a depiction! I enjoyed every chapter where he appears (especially when he trains Kaladin and the Kholin boys XD). Everytime he said “Damnnation language”, it would make me laugh so hard =D Plus, I’m happy to learn that he and Wit know each other.

The first two pieces are painted by ink and the last one is an old piece.

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This scene is from chapter 5 of WoR. Scholar Sigzil and Captain Kaladin are just two cuties XD

To quote Shallan: The bridgeman grunt. A language unto itself. (Ch. 70)

(Seriously, I did an ebook search and found that the word “grunt” appears nearly 93 times in WoR… That’s quite a number!)

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The first piece is Szeth from WoK. It’s an old one but I redrew it =) (Really need to know his back story! Why is Stormlight 3 so far away!)

The second is a mix-up of some WoK side characters (Axies, Balat, Rysn, Szeth, Geranid, Taln and Wit). I feel like I’m not going to finish the whole piece… So there.

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How about some chasm scene? XD (Man, I love this drawing style, would try more later!)

"At least… Take this." Shallan said to Kaladin.

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reblogged from Arkadion

Small test: Lighteyed Kaladin with hair pulled back =)

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Kaladin & Adolin

(Drawing uniforms is tough!)

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will you be selling prints of the mistborn poster? if you do i will absolutely buy one for any price. seriously. incredible work!

Wow, thanks so much! I should say sorry first, for now, I have no plan for prints, but I’ll try to make it happen in the future or perhaps do some free giveaway some time later =)

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Words of Radiance - Rysn & Larkin

"The Reshi could not command one of the larkin. This was given you by the island itself." (Interlude 3)

I’m going to do some art for WoR, and this is the first one =)

(Painted by gouache, 17x13 cm)

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The Mistborn Cast

Finally finished! It’s been a year, sorry for the delay! There’re 40 characters all together, and you can look at the last piece to know who is who =)

Full size picture is here: [x]

deviantART: [x]

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Actually, these are my earliest Stormlight fanart pieces, but I believe I have never posted the original version of them? (Or maybe I had deleted some old posts) So, a repost! Kaladin, Shallan, Jasnah and Renarin are the four characters in WoK I got to love at the first sight =)

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25 Essential Expressions Challenge

Character: Wit/Hoid

Artist: Botanica

Original sheet by napalmnacey via deviantART

Finished! It took me several days to draw them all out, unexpectedly tough! 25 pieces, 13 black hair and 12 white hair =)

High res: [x]

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