This scene is from chapter 5 of WoR. Scholar Sigzil and Captain Kaladin are just two cuties XD

To quote Shallan: The bridgeman grunt. A language unto itself. (Ch. 70)

(Seriously, I did an ebook search and found that the word “grunt” appears nearly 93 times in WoR… That’s quite a number!)

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The first piece is Szeth from WoK. It’s an old one but I redrew it =) (Really need to know his back story! Why is Stormlight 3 so far away!)

The second is a mix-up of some WoK side characters (Axies, Balat, Rysn, Szeth, Geranid, Taln and Wit). I feel like I’m not going to finish the whole piece… So there.

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How about some chasm scene? XD (Man, I love this drawing style, would try more later!)

"At least… Take this." Shallan said to Kaladin.

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Small test: Lighteyed Kaladin with hair pulled back =)

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Kaladin & Adolin

(Drawing uniforms is tough!)

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will you be selling prints of the mistborn poster? if you do i will absolutely buy one for any price. seriously. incredible work!

Wow, thanks so much! I should say sorry first, for now, I have no plan for prints, but I’ll try to make it happen in the future or perhaps do some free giveaway some time later =)

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Words of Radiance - Rysn & Larkin

"The Reshi could not command one of the larkin. This was given you by the island itself." (Interlude 3)

I’m going to do some art for WoR, and this is the first one =)

(Painted by gouache, 17x13 cm)

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The Mistborn Cast

Finally finished! It’s been a year, sorry for the delay! There’re 40 characters all together, and you can look at the last piece to know who is who =)

Full size picture is here: [x]

deviantART: [x]

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Actually, these are my earliest Stormlight fanart pieces, but I believe I have never posted the original version of them? (Or maybe I had deleted some old posts) So, a repost! Kaladin, Shallan, Jasnah and Renarin are the four characters in WoK I got to love at the first sight =)

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25 Essential Expressions Challenge

Character: Wit/Hoid

Artist: Botanica

Original sheet by napalmnacey via deviantART

Finished! It took me several days to draw them all out, unexpectedly tough! 25 pieces, 13 black hair and 12 white hair =)

High res: [x]

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Childhood Shallan & Kaladin, Young Dalinar & Szeth (?)

Four protagonists! Probably the last pieces recently, I tried something interesting =) (Szeth is not bald, yay!)

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Warbreaker - Siri & Susebron, Vivenna & Vasher

Finally decided to post them! Actually the sketches were done long ago when I was doing that Raoden & Sarene piece, but I am always not satisfied with my Warbreaker art QAQ

+ + +

Another Raoden/Spirit chibi ↓

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Stormlight Park 2.0 - The Knights Radiant

Stormlight Park is back! Hope you like it! These characters are all new Radiants and their spren. Heralds and some candidates are not included. As long as we get enough information, I’ll update the chart =) (Though I tend to believe that Adolin/Rysn is the Dustbringer and Eshonai becomes the Willshaper. About the Stoneward, we have only seen Taln so far.)

Side notes: I created the characters via SP-Studio at first, then used PS to add some specific details.

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Harry Potter Lineup

Old pieces drawn two years back. At first this lineup was sort of a commission thing, but it didn’t work out. Still, I drew them all out for my own interest. The style is very different from now, but it’s fun to see =)

The characters are not so hard to recognize, aren’t they? Just in case:

The first line: Harry, Ron, Ginny, Tom Riddle / The second line: Draco, Luna, Neville, Hermione / The third line: Snape, Dumbledore, McGonagall / The fourth piece: Fred & George

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I'm making a dumb stormlight archive thing and I was wondering if I could use some of your art? W/ credit of course!

Yeah, you’re very welcome! You can freely use all of the art here, so long as the source is added. I’m looking forward to your final product =)

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